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Down sleeping bag cleaning method and the matters needing attention _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
Down sleeping bag can use washing machine? Can't. Down camping sleeping bag when dry will produce a large amount of gas can't eduction, when over the limit will appear similar to the 'bang' phenomenon, easy to produce risk, so there are some washing machine on the instructions clearly specify the should not be washed down sleeping bag. In addition, due to wet down sleeping bag water content is very big, and some of the outer layer is coated down sleeping bags, have waterproof function, therefore, water is not easy to sling out, down sleeping bags will become more heavy. If put wide in dry barrels, vulnerable to dry barrels cocked his rotation, thereby washing machine case shell crack. Wash the grease stain on down sleeping bag? Dip in with towel gasoline in the neckline, cuffs, the place such as the front wiping gently, oil removal after wiping with a dry towel with gasoline, wearing after stay clean gasoline volatilization. Down sleeping bag knowledge analytical 1, filler: goose down VS duck down feather fillings in sleeping bags, one of the most common is the goose down and duck down, both by color points, and can be divided into white wool and grey cloth with soft nap. According to the price on the market down sleeping bags, sorting is: the white goose down & gt; Grey goose down & gt; White duck down & gt; Grey duck down. Can be affected by price sort of, a lot of people so they think the velvet and so on quality sorting, actually otherwise. Through to the feather of theoretical research and practical experience, actually not by the quality of color and down sleeping bag is too big. As to why white cloth with soft nap is expensive, the main reason is that white hair good-looking than gray, whether in light color or dark color fabrics are not inside; And grey cloth with soft nap is pick, down sleeping bags can only in the dark fabric. Considering the white color shallow, suitable fabrics is wider. The second reason: white wool fiber structure. The fibre is relatively thin, soft, long, long fiber volume is better, easier to keep warm. Generally bigger, more mature poultry, better quality hair, so goose hair will be better. But the goose down and duck down production process is the same, both goose down on quality, volume, warmth retention property will be better. The goose down more expensive than duck down one of the most important reason is that the production of goose down far below the duck down - — Goose down a year can only produce one season, duck down most can produce three seasons in a year. 2, refers to the clothes sleeping bag filling downcontent downcontent villi of all what is the ratio of the filling. Such as buying a down sleeping bags, filler is 90% white duck down and 10% of white feather, suggests that this garment bag downcontent reached 90%, is a high specification down camping sleeping bag. And when you decide to buy a down sleeping bag, also must first take a look at a product label attached collar, downcontent less than 50% of you will notice, it is not meet the minimum standards set by the state. High downcontent down sleeping bags have soft touch feeling. The more hair stem, explain quality is poor. 3, filling RongLiang please note that filling RongLiang this thing is not the same, and downcontent downcontent calculate percentage, and filling RongLiang is filled in the actual feather + wool content grams, it and the size of the sleeping bag, length, style and other factors. Some friends down sleeping bag when the choose and buy like buy rechargeable RongLiang big, think it will be more warm, thick, but you must not look down upon downcontent because velvet itself warm effect is very big. 4, volume volume is the important index measure the degree of down to keep warm, refers to under certain conditions every ounce ( 30 grams) Down the value of volume cubic inches. For instance, an ounce of feather is 600 cubic inch of space, called the down volume for 600. The idea is that the filling RongLiang and downcontent represents the 'amount' of velvet, while volume determines the 'quality' of the velvet. In the case of filling RongLiang fairly, the higher the peng number, heat preservation function, the better.
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