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Do you know about how much outdoor products around ( Test)

by:Foerstine     2020-05-15
Do you know about how much outdoor camping goods products around ( Test) Time: 2011 10 - 18 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tents, < p> the following questions are for the single item choice < / p> < p> a: YKK zipper is applied to clothing, backpack classes usually adopts two kinds of material, that material is not below? < / p> < p> A nylon resin B C plastic < / p> < p> 2: we usually say that the bag fabric for many D, D is this? < / p> < p> A unit of weight B length is A unit of weight under the C standard length < / p> < p> 3: three laminated rubber and two laminated rubber is the difference between appearance? < / p> < p> A three layer on the surface film laminating A line net three-tier B more than two layers of A removable inner C can't see the difference between < / p> < p> 4: GORE - The chemical composition of TEX and SYMPATEX material is? < / p> < p> e - PTFE and PES PTFE and PES and PES C e B - PTFE < / p> < p> 5: in the 80 and 775 volume down in the said higher performance? < / p> < p> A velvet 80 B 775 volume < / p> < p> 6: high-grade backpack ribbon material? < / p> < p> A nylon PP B C polyformaldehyde < / p> < p> 7: fabric waterproof treatment in the case of the difference between PU and PU twice? < / p> < p> A A PU is better than two PU waterproof B A PU is heavier than twice PU C two PU is better than A PU waterproof < / p> < p> 8: that is not the advantage of pom button plug than nylon plug? < / p> < p> A is not affected by temperature changes of B better ductility C intensity bigger < / p> < p> 9: we usually say that the way is the following what kind of sewing method? < / p> < p> A back stitch B similar embroidery matts C < / p> < p> 10: waterproof breathable fabrics why wind? < / p> < p> A wind had direction B breathable refers to water vapour and the wind is not A concept < / p> < p> the correct answer: CCAABACBBB < / p>
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