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Discusses the outdoors

by:Foerstine     2020-04-18
Discusses the outdoors time: 2011 - 11 - 30 source: author: camping tent camping tents < p> outdoor sports with the ordinary travel perhaps the biggest difference lies in the greater participation. Because all outdoor sports have a common, is that everything need participants, or completed together with the peer. The sport in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have been popular for more than one hundred years. Many of its project originated in professional sports, scientific exploration and military projects, and now the development of the category and the project has been very varied. < / p> < p> from ordinary self-help travel to survival, hiking, mountain climbing, bike, rock climbing, downhill, the driving cross-country and so on. They meet more people yearning nature, challenge themselves. < / p> < p> outdoor sports about come to China in the 90 s. Due to a late start, now known as much for mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and the drive and other activities. < / p> < p> to participate in the sport, are mostly from curious and open the floodgates. Because the movement is rich, greater participation, if you want to play good needs long-term training and slowly appreciate. < / p> < p> now health is our priority of each people are concerned about. There's a phrase to describe the traditional sense of the tour group, said on sleep, get off the temple, we first not to comment on this statement is right. sports, by contrast, it is highly participatory is for each of us healthier, it is no wonder that, who let people's movement. < / p> < p> about the relationship between outdoor camping goods sports and health, today we have invited a guest, 'fashion health' men's version of executive editor of the Malay thin in your own opinion. < / p> < p> 'I think it is to emphasize the outdoor sports, a relationship between man and nature, and we used to see the word health? Is a time when people are paying attention to self, it is part of a healthy, when people are paying attention to the self and the outside world, it becomes a big health health, should be more healthy concept, so the outdoors is provided, satisfied the relationship between man and nature, through outdoor sports people in detecting between himself and nature of this relationship. < / p> < p> it can, for example the polar project, mountain climbing, skiing, surfing, sailing, directional cross-country, etc. , for itself in the process of some physical position, the position of the constitution, and thus be able to own the body function for some judgment, so the improvement of the body function of the self will have a definite help. '< / p> < p> there are times when we often speak of the human body is a very, very precise machine, but we are familiar with this machine whether it? Let's familiar with your own body, outdoor sports is one of them can you to own the body's reaction ability, as well as some emergency ability to do a test. < / p> < p> it is forced to you, you from that kind of the indoor ( Indoor) Is you in the environment of the self isolation put it out, blend in nature, you'll find yourself the mentality of what is going on. A healthy state of mind is the real need you with nature, a cooperation between you and the team. < / p> < p> 'outdoor camping goods sports very stressed a kind of' ( Cooperation) Spirit. Early once the outdoor sports, it is still in self as a unit, with the increase of the level, you find is that it's team asked, mental demands more and more intense, I, for example, in the fifth period we do a project, is caving, and the world where there are several big famous caving, a Canadian friends play speleology, his body is not good at the time, that is a friend encouraged continue to play, he had the most extreme when it found it had lost sight of what person, before and after comparing the distance between each other, he probably has a protection had broken, look for protection rope, found a snake in front of, very fear, and the snake for everyone aggressive, < / p> < p> all don't know what to do at that time, it is precisely at this time, all of a sudden his teammates could be found in crisis, he put the rope, it should be said that a rope is key, first to let him go up first, after he was feeling the person's mood has changed, he found the strength from others, is the person should be generously offered themselves, should from the others found that the character of others. '< / p> < p> this is talking about another level. sports, it may be there are two aspects of meaning for your health, one is physical and let us know about the body machine, < / p> < p> the other thing is psychological, let's go to a higher, more enjoy life such a level, maybe we will get the exercise, our team spirit got the mill, there are many, many, perhaps you've been to an outdoor camping goods sports, their comprehension. < / p>
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