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Discuss how to choose and dampproof mat

by:Foerstine     2020-04-18
Discuss how to choose and buy dampproof mat time: 2011 - 10 - 31 sources: tent author: outdoor tent < p> dampproof mat has three core functions: comfortable, warm, damp proof. < / p> < p> comfortable is to let you in the rugged mountain wild layer soft mat; Keep warm and cold ground isolation is to the human body, reduce the body heat loss, prevent cold ground invasion; Moisture is to isolate the ground moisture. < / p> < p> mat also can be used as a leisure mat, picnic mat, inflatable water bed and other purposes. < / p> < p> dampproof mat, the main types: < / p> < p> air mattress: advantage is big thickness, up to 8 to 12 cm, moistureproof effect is good, comfortable, cheap, and can be used water; Defect is usually lay particular stress on, need to vent air or blow with the mouth, is not suitable for backpack through and travel long distances, more suitable for driving. < / p> < p> the blow-up lilo: is expanded inside fiber, outer layer is the thickening or Oxford cloth, waterproof coating nylon fabric after filling thickness from 2 to 3 cm, width is 180 cm and 52 cm respectively. With valve, open the valve, expansion fiber automatic, sucked in air, close the valve can be used. Fold the closed to open the valve, and then roll extrusion, the air went out. Inflatable need to more than 30 minutes for the first time, using 10 minutes later can fully inflated. < / p> < p> the blow-up lilo has a variety of processing technology, a complete separation of internal and external layer without any fixed, the mat is very cheap, 100 yuan, but to use layer slide from inside and outside, uncomfortable. Have a fixed point type, have more than one fixed point between inside and outside layer; Have all hot compound, both inside and outside layer with hot fully bonded composite technology, the mat use effect is best, but the price seems expensive, CAMP of three - A- 休息,小卡, A- REST is all hot compound, the former domestic, which the United States imports, CASCADE DESIGN products, the price is 360 yuan and 980 yuan respectively. < / p> < p> semi-closed air chamber dampproof mat, semi-closed foaming process, the product like a sponge, soft and comfortable, but water imbibition is strong, for more leisure activities and household, outdoor camping goods use fewer. < / p> < p> closed chamber dampproof mat: closed foaming process, mat made up of a large number of small closed chamber. The thickness of 0. 170-8 to 2 cm, length 200 cm, width 50 to 56 cm. Advantages: cheap, good insulation, good abrasion resistance, moistureproof effect is good. Weakness: slightly hard. Foaming process and physical foaming and chemical foaming process. The former no peculiar smell, density and wear-resisting performance is good, better waterproof effect, long service life, price is a little bit higher, such as three, two physical cushion is 60 yuan and 80 yuan respectively. The low density, low strength, has certain water imbibition, new product has certain peculiar smell, before use, please open the open-air placed 1, 2 hours to remove taste. Chemical foam cushion is cheap, 20 yuan to 50 yuan. < / p> < p> three company sales get damp foam pad, all is a closed chamber dampproof mat, including monolayer dampproof mat and wave dampproof mat is chemical foaming process, the other two are the physical foaming process. < / p> < p> the ground cloth, mat is generally thin layer foaming composite materials, a layer of silver aluminum film, the thickness is only half a centimeter or so, mat is clean sanitation, moisture-proof warm effect, because the thickness of thin, comfortable effect is not as good as the luo dampproof mat. MATS, generally in the 1 m to 2 m, width of is suitable for people to use, suitable for spread use in a tent, also suitable for used to have a picnic alone, rest, etc. < / p> < p> to cloth material is generally 210 d and 420 d Oxford cloth, coating, mainly used for tent cloth, can protect the bottom of the tent, and help damp. Can also be used as a picnic mat, cushion, tents awning or rain cover. Size and the bottom of the tent, 2 m x 1. 5 m or 2 m x 2 m. < / p> < p> if you are engaged in the harsh environment of outdoor camping goods activities, dampproof mat is essential, good sleeping bag without dampproof mat, much less to keep warm. So the activity often choose physical foaming high-density dampproof mat or high quality since the blow-up lilo. < / p> < p> ordinary outdoor camping goods activities, if is a prairie or beach camping ground, various dampproof mat, mat can be deal with; If it is uneven mountains, had better choose thicker dampproof mat. If the weight is not the problem, can in the tent to lay mat, reoccupy dampproof mat, effect is perfect. Rain tents easily into the mud, because the area is large and mat can has the good hygienic cleaning effect. < / p> < p> the consideration is the volume and weight of the other. Since the blow-up lilo folded the smallest, about 11 cm in diameter, length of about 28 cm, since the blow-up lilo weight from 700 to 1000 grams. And single dampproof mat mat the lightest weight, about 300 to 400 grams. Generally thicker dampproof mat weighing between 400 and 550 grams. < / p> < p> dampproof mat to keep dry and clean, if timely after wet to dry; Chemical foaming dampproof mat has a certain smell, remove the plastic film on the surface of the first before use, out in the open air place 1, 2 hours, to remove the taste. Dampproof mat Oxford cloth packaging coat is the best protector. Camping across a dampproof mat often hung on the outside of the backpack, susceptible to scratching with shrubs rock breakage, Oxford cloth coat have good protection. < / p> < p> the practice proved that in the case of no coat protection, but five to eight times the life of a dampproof mat, prolong the using time using coat can be multiplied. Three company has sales of various specifications of dampproof mat coat. < / p>
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