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Dampproof mat use common sense

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
Time for a dampproof mat, use common sense: 2011 - 10 - 31 sources: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> closed room sleeping MATS is resistant to damage, if you don't care your crampons was stepped on, it will not so and cannot be used. If something hot drops in your closed chamber mattresses, it will only be melted down a hole, the other part is still intact. < / p> < p> but on the other hand, it is not very soft, so for some people who used to sleep soft mattress, closed room sleeping MATS is difficult to adapt to, even if the sleeping pad is very light and very big. < / p> < p> many can inflatable sleeping pad can provide quite a comfortable feeling in the back. Because can adjust the sleep pad pressure to match your needs. Although many in the field for a long time travel, more likely to choose the sleeping pad, but the sleeping pad is vulnerable to damage. < / p> < p> such as confiscated good Swiss knife, hot pot, put ice axe will prick sleeping MATS cause air leakage. But most of the inflatable sleeping pad will be attached patch tools for maintenance. The weight of the sleeping MATS depends on species, but after compression packaging is only about half closed room sleeping MATS. No resistance to the dragon wrap foam sleeping pad, open room for mountaineers had better not buy because the sleeping pad is large and water absorption. < / p> < p> warm degree is defined as: a closed chamber foam mattresses every half an inch a R value of 2, and about a pound of weight. A dragon resistant cover open room foam mattresses every half inch and 1/2 R value are two and a quarter pound weight for 4. As for prices, closed ventricular foam sleeping pad is about to open a third of the foam mattresses to about a quarter. < / p> < p> what kind of mat is suitable? Must first consider the degree of warming, weight, comfort, durability and size, and so on important in turn. But for a mountaineers, can have a good sleep at night may be a very important thing. If you usually is used to sleeping naked in super large water bed, it is best to choose a deluxe room opened two inch thickness, total length, foam sleeping pad, and don't worry about weight problem. < / p> < p> if you are the one who can sleep hard bed board, then the 3/4 length of closed chamber foam pad is sufficient sleep. The authors over the past two decades are using half the length of the closed chamber foam sleeping pad, now old, perhaps wiser, but some hard brittle bones. So often use a lightweight, 3/4 length of expandable foam sleeping pad. In the winter when the author will add a full length closed chamber foam sleeping pad and a complete maintenance patch tool used to prevent the open room foam mattresses snagged. < / p>
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