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Construction of outdoor camping out of camp

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
The camp construction time of outdoor camping goods camping: 2013 - 05 - 08 < br /> known, good campsite selection after the construction of the camp. Especially for camping ground, with a certain scale of the entire camp construction is particularly important, in the following steps: 1, flat ground: will have a good tent area clean, remove stones, dwarf shrubs and other easily pierced tent sundry, the content such as the uneven places available soil or grass bridge. 2, site zoning: a complete camp should be tent camping area, with the fire area, dining area, recreation area, water area ( Wash one's hands) , such as health zone area. In fire area should be in downwind, just in case Mars burnt old tent. Dining area should be approached with fire area, in order to cooking and eating. Activities and entertainment in the downwind of repast area, in case the activity of dust pollution tableware, etc. Health zone should be in the same regions downwind. Water area should be in streams and rivers on the up and down two, respectively for the consumption of water in the upper area, section for use under water. 3, the construction tent camping sites: such as a number of tent camps, in decorating a tent, should be paid attention to: tent door will open, side by side in one direction. Should keep a certain distance between tents. 4, the construction of repast area with fire: dining with general together with fire, cooking place is the place that has a ridge, cross wall, best to dig building stove oven, the people up to the fire should be piled up in the zone or the upper hand. Dining area has a best everyone sitting in the grass, 'table' can use a piece of stone, Pacific Ocean or in the ground. 5, construction of health: health district is jieshou convenient place, if just one night accommodation, can build the pit, need not special, you can specify a convenient place for men and women. If accommodation days in two days or more, namely should dig build, temporary toilet should be built in a secret place, trees don't have to pull the curtain around. Everyone's urine should be built in the health area, and should not be full mountain solution, while the streetscape. 6, the construction area: entertainment can be, as long as it is grading and stumble in cleaning up, meet things, sometimes playing some games that should be defined in a circle on the lira protection rope, lest don't notice there was an accident.
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