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Common sense knowledge, outdoor mountaineering must understand before

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
Knowledge: outdoor camping goods mountaineering must understand the common sense of time: before 2011 - 07 - Lost 28 < P> < / P> < P> usually walk to traditional climbing route team has lost very hard, because many mountain hiking trails will corporate landmarks, even if the fork road will also cut off someone buy deadwood and open cuttings or stacked stone instructions will appear artificial river beds hiking trails, the players get lost easily happen is shortcut, lindau fork road, happen lost only returned to the original way to observe the route again. < / P> < P> generally walk in nontraditional route team lost the chance of higher, map location wrong and bad weather, so the exploration course, bad weather is unfavorable to avoid the team marching in a risk. however, call the helicopter passenger happens. < / P> < P> the arrow bamboo forest trails < / P> < P> a small team of mining or training activities often doing in the arrow bamboo or thatch heap, leading the physical and mental consumption is quite large, the leader is a bit not careful it is easy to go wrong and prone to unpredictable errors, leading the defender must be timely reminder of the correction, at the same time the leader shall timely rotation leading to avoid the team be misled and single energy consumption too much affect the whole team speed or in dangerous areas. Dark training < / P> < P> no matter any type of team best scheduled day trips traveling light in the morning activities, purpose is to train the players use headlights climbing feeling, oneself must find the feeling of walking, dark time no more than two hours, otherwise easy fatiqued want to sleep. < / P> < P> hypothermia treatment < / P> < P> they encounter bad weather easily between players procession temperature condition, general players will find his marching pace instability, like drunk walking style, at this time must be local to find a way to protect his safety, generally available ( 1) Take out the warm bag ( This item each cadre take at least three) , to use the instructions for the warm bag, when temperatures to rise to the ideal placed near the patient's chest and heart again, ( 2) Take out the stove, boil water or carrying a thermos, brewing sweet drinks, such as ginger soup, etc. < / P> < P> if the players into a coma or coma, merging two sleeping bags, hypothermia in chest stand two warm bag, with a focus on the loss of temperature must be off his outer clothing, all the other send a person is also took off his outer clothing, in the form of Shared temperature clasp hypothermia, at this time we should take turns to offer loss of temperature, the temperature at the same time oneself must constantly drink ginger soup cold, but if temperature is still in a coma, feet soaked in warm water, must pay attention to the water temperature is constant. < / P> < P> mountain sickness treatment < / P> < P> before the meeting must be told all the players, two days before departure must have a good sleep, eat well, a normal schedule can reduce the happening of mountain sickness, signs of mountain sickness with divers diseases, mainly for the diseases caused by external pressure environment does not adapt, each person's ability to adapt is different, the solution is to have players in situ or altitude sickness had rest for about half an hour with 10 meters, depending on the situation to decide whether to move on again, if you can barely walk, wait until the camp to find a way to solve. < / P> < P> in the < / P> < P> mountain mouth from camp on behalf of the event to a close, players control is more important, from the base camp to hiking all need to count one by one, avoid the players were put pigeons, should also count again before driving. Nature is in holiday everyone want to find a clean feeling the beautiful moment of heaven and earth, but inexperienced field itself often cannot enjoy, wild experience accumulated in addition to the predecessors' oral, book information, more important is to personally experience, and in the natural environment of avoid grey impulsive and indomitable attitude, as long as the calm, calm, careful, can overcome all the status of the nature, the wild knowledge top can follow, there is no correct operation manual, it lies in how to use his own mind can easily with the existing equipment and equipment. < / P> < P> mountain in forever, not once, again, look carefully, feel with your heart, all natural pulsation in the eyes. < / P>
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