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Choosing a tent should pay attention to matters

by:Foerstine     2020-04-17
Choosing a tent should pay attention to matters of time: 2011 - 11 - 04 source: tent author: < p> outdoor camping goods tents outdoor camping goods tent can be divided into four seasons three season tents, tents, and mountain tents, tourism tents, single and double. < / p> < p> account can be used in cold winter, four seasons general is double, three quarter account only used in the summer, spring and autumn. Mountain tents generally small, short, strong ability to resist wind and snow, but the top altitude tent may be less rain, tourism tents, high, comfortable, the wind resistance is poor. < / p> < p> single account generally simple, light, but the rain is not very good, and in the cold angel unavailable, tent lining easily knot dew, frost, clothes will be wet sleeping bags, but there are top single mountain tents is single layer, wind permeability is very good, the price is very high; Double account account wall is thin, breathe freely, waterproof, external accounts cover above, often, the bill can be set up outside the entrance of a small hallway, can put a backpack or cooking, cold account not knot in the water, will be squared away, and less. < / p> < p> tents, mainly from outside the tent pole, account of account, account pin. Leading indicators such as size, height, and weight. Used to put my tent up shape, holding deposit is divided into sections, the middle by the elastic rope to wear, it can be easily connected. Beanpole strength is very important, once broken, tent turned into a bag, when high winds and heavy snow is a severe test of tent pole, tents are problematic part of the tent pole. < / p> < p> general tent pole material has two kinds of glass and aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy of higher intensity. Account is frivolous, in high temperature when the weather is good, can only within the account. Uncertain external accounts, so the account credit of bottom water proofing property is better. Outside the tent is wind rain, and there are different vestibular design. < / p> < p> the tent pole tents are normally wear, account, again, and finally to hang outside account, nailed account, another is to put the account in flat out on the floor, tent pole in the four corners, first up, hang outside account, resist the cold wind, people in, to hang in the bill on the pole, the two tents have different structure design. < / p> < p> tent is collective equipment, tourism tents, bottom in 1 of 2 people. About 5 m * 2 m, 3 people in 2. 1 m * 2 m or so, small mountain tents, double in 1. 3m*2m。 High and height, tourism tents, in 1. More than 5 m, comfortable, but the wind area is big, not suitable for bad environment, low mountain tents, on the ground, not afraid of the wind. The same quality is, of course, the lighter the better. < / p> < p> tent is mainly suitable for three purposes: one is the leisure, not the underlying, material also not too many requirements, easy to carry, mainly is the beach leisure places such as shading, temporary rest; 2 it is general field with tents, ground floor, rod fiberglass material requirements are relatively high, camp, qualitative light, easy to carry. Three is mountains with special tents, camp column made of aluminum alloy outer tent laceration resistant and etc. < / p> < p> tent shall not use the washing machine to clean. Camp column must be separated from tent cloth, cloth, avoid to pop account storage tents, dry wet tents should be opened again, even if there is no wet, but in the process of climbing mountain climber breathe out later make moisture gathered in the tent, so it's best to spread out the erection, air drying is a period of time, the tents or regular fold, because use the larger the number of tents, folding too tidy can cause a collapse of crease hardening fissure. < / p> < p> the colour and lustre of tents had better choose warm color attune such as yellow, orange, or red. When you are trapped, visible color will be easy to find. Tent should avoid cooking, especially the use of gas stoves. The stove has excitant odour, easily spilled fuel oil, and fire control, this is the latent crisis. < / p> < p> especially in the tent of waterproof nylon fabric cooking often have seed the feeling of suffocation, cooking can also cause the account together many small water droplets, if there is a need to tent cooking, both inside and outside the ventilation of best account. < / p>
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