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by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
Nanjing Foerstine outdoor products co. , LTD. Is a camping sleeping bag factory is a professional company, the area is quite prominent, today we can come to know the details of the company. For the choose and buy our well-known first according to their own conditions to buy suits own, also our camping camping sleeping bag, then we when camping sleeping bag of choose and buy should pay attention to what? 1, choose according to his figure sleeping bags: too small sleeping bag will be too tight, can not turn, uncomfortable. Too much of a sleeping bag inside the empty, affect the warmth retention property. Scale: 2, pay attention to the sleeping bags have been, sleeping bag choosing the primary data is the scale of the scale of general method: there are three points a, with two temperature, under normal circumstances, is the limit of the camping sleeping bag scale and the highest scale ( Or extreme scale and comfortable temperature scale) 。 The highest scale generally refers to the normal use under the temperature will be too hot. B, mark three temperature, the limit temperature scale, comfortable temperature scale and the highest temperature scale. C, with a temperature only, normally the choose and buy, buy camping sleeping bag note this scale is the limit temperature scale. More people will focus on: the classification of the sleeping bag manufacturer to tell you what are the common sleeping bags have 3 kinds of shapes, mi type, envelope type and beer barrel type. Ma mi also called mummy type or mummy, this sleeping bag shoulder width narrow feet, generally between 75 and 85 cm, shoulder width steps 35 to 45 cm width. Ma mi bag is the same weight to be able to achieve good heat preservation effect of sleeping bag shape, suitable for use in cold seasons; The envelope bag, as the name implies, shoulders and feet wide, like an envelope, this sleeping bag is loose, suitable shape and the warm summer season wide; Hybrid combination of both before sleeping bag, most is the envelope sleeping bag and a hat of microphones. The international popular sleeping bag is XiaoFangMao, streamlined body. Before the great circle of cap both increase the weight, and not conducive to keep warm. Above is a simple introduction about 'who have several', our company still sleeping bag manufacturer, nanjing Foerstine outdoor camping goods products company, and many other related products, if you are interested in, you can contact us for more details!
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