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Camping out in the rain and enjoyable to read

by:Foerstine     2020-04-20
Camping out in the rain, fun time: 2013 - 04 - 25 of the spring, he's always rain. In the spring of 2013 the rain seems to be much more special, inseparable all day long, hard, called the filar silk spent bored with life. < br /> the Spring Festival holiday handguns, continuous busy a month and we planned to take the tomb-sweeping day small long vacation to go outside for an outing, who think, a heavy rain going next week, forced to suppress at home, never leave home. Helpless, can only look at holiday, and take any chances will hope in the upcoming 5 · 1 small long vacation. < br /> in a moment, 5 · 1 blacklist, spring rain still xi resembles rain the next, as the holiday approaches, heart is increasingly desperate. True not line, to a camp in the rain, experience the other camp life, perhaps can gives birth to lots and lots of interesting things! We can imagine: major attractions visitors will surely because of the weather. So, we can avoid the rush, enjoy the beauty of the dream, in the rain, listening to the brews the cheerful Shouting in the rain, feeling the saplings don't ask, don't stubborn and strong storm. If lucky, maybe also can see another scenery in the rain. If not met majestic heavy rain, you can take her/him by the hand, walking in the rain, feeling the rain of exquisite tenderness, and line and take a fancy to let your emotional quietly rising. < br /> to avoid the noise and crowded of the city, back a good tent to find a quiet place to visit. In a tent or rain, or rest, or comb thoughts, many within the heart of the problem, immediately be suddenly enlightened ~ < br /> < br />
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