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Buy outdoor sports bottle, want to consider what factors?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
Buy outdoor camping goods sports bottle, want to consider what factors? Time: 2013 04 - 19 the outdoors experience, probably all dependence on water has a profound impression to the body, water abundant is the most basic guarantee the quality of outdoor camping goods living and health conditions. In today's natural environment, simple backer has mountain, draft relying on water cannot solve the thirst at any time, it will consume more energy and bring health hazard. So, to go outside, we have to bring water, so, do you know how to choose sport bottle? Foer sting give you some advice, let you buy gratified flexibly the kettle. < br /> no, no leakage, don't think this is a joke, in fact the meaning of the word contains two aspects: on the one hand is strong, on the one hand is safe. Field conditions, hashing is difficult to avoid. If the kettle is not strong enough, the result cans be imagined. Also, if its mouth closed lax, not only can be lost in the wild is precious drinking water, perhaps will also carry items such as wet clothing instrument. If the food, clothing and other important items were killed, and in some extreme environment is likely to be the death of you. < br /> 2, easy to carry < br /> easy to carry, outdoor use, many of the kettle is sometimes on the bike, sometimes on the wall, it's demand to the portability of the kettle. Some containers made with soft materials, such as water bag and leather kettle, more have irreplaceable advantages, their size and shape can according to the need to change, this is your backpack of the Gospel is already overloaded. Three, < br /> < br /> which designs for special use for special use, outdoor environment varies greatly, there are many different kinds of outdoor sports, in some cases, the general function is can't meet the need. In those who can only make one hand under the condition of water, a single hand or with teeth can be opened and closed bottle mouth design is particularly important, camping out in Numbers and have a picnic in times of need, a bucket can be folded can effectively meet the needs of the camp to water. At high altitude or polar bad circumstances, such as a guarantee that your water is not frozen insulation kettle will let you do not have trouble back at home. < br /> compared with other water bodies, sport bottle due to the strong and durable, safe and reliable, convenient insurance, and can according to individual be fond of and have different color and style of the design options, has become the basic configuration of outdoor camping goods enthusiasts. How to choose and buy to rest assured, price moderate, can the movement of safe drinking water, become a important problem cannot be ignored. < br /> < br />
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