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Beware of outdoor sports bring damage

by:Foerstine     2020-04-17
Beware of outdoor camping goods sports improper damage time: 2011 - 12 - Source: 02 tents author: outdoor tent < p> skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, paramotor glide, a large number of bicycle travel, self-drive tour new sports fitness programs are becoming fitness to be bestowed favor on newly. Both traditional fitness programs and choose a new fitness project, the most notable is the sports fitness when pay particular attention to injury prevention, safety is the primary factor in the exercise. < / p> < p> all the sports fitness project has advantages and disadvantages are always two sides to everything. If not for scientific and reasonable arrangement, in sports can't according to the specific situation to choose the reasonable approach, then doing some sports, the injury could be fatal, and fitness benefits of intention. < / p> < p> no matter choose what kind of fitness sport, the precondition of science is well prepared to ensure safety. Every one's physical condition is different in different periods, so the choice of the project must conform to this period the body status to arrange. < / p> < p> the most appropriate way is to regularly every year to the designated hospital or physique monitoring departments to make necessary check, and then according to the test results, the sports experts offer targeted exercise prescription. < / p> < p> I also fully understand the selected sports characteristics and methods to prevent accidental injury. Such as mountain climbing enthusiasts, before we start to make sufficient preparations is critical. < / p> < p> these preparations include the local geography, climate, weather, and so on and so forth, must carry a variety of mountaineering warm and rescue equipment, radio equipment related to the rescue and first-aid equipment, at the same time, related technical training is necessary. < / p> < p> at the same time, also should choose to build with rear accessibility of information communication channels, in order to get the rescue in time and support. Winter mountaineering should also attach great importance to the cold. < / p> < p> outdoor camping goods sports for communion with nature, characteristics and challenge themselves attracted a lot of sports fans. But the majority of outdoor camping goods sports person who be worth to remind is, these programs must be chosen in a fully carried out under conditions of safety factor, as much as possible so as to avoid the happening of the tragedy. < / p> < p> is the purpose of any of the sports fitness, not hard. Activities premise before fully prepared, is also part of the sports. < / p> < p> skating enthusiasts in the activities, attention should be paid to the melting of the ice extent, prevent drowned. Goes hand in hand in this activity, it is best, one thousand were able to help each other. Prevention of winter swimming caused by accidental injury, is also a gist can grasp. < / p> < p> these tips are: Yang don't swim Yin, the rain and not the wind, snow and not swim fog, clear and not muddy. Also in winter swimming time shall be determined according to the temperature of the time to, under normal circumstances general with 20 minutes of exercise is more appropriate. < / p> < p> at present more and more get of sports fans like outdoor skiing, is easy to damage of emerging project. Engage in the activities of the fans, should be first in all ski slopes under the guidance of the coach, learn and master the various basic behavioral essentials, master the methods of self protection at the same time. < / p> < p> before the movement, also like other sports, must do warm-up activities before exercise, the body after the activities of the joint, then movement. < / p> < p> as for it is getting more and more popular since the driving, in addition to do vehicle maintenance, don't fatigue driving, happy is also the necessary conditions. At the same time, also it is better to hang out, to deal with in the wild have accidents that may occur. < / p>
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