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Before and after using the mountain bike in the field to pay attention to distinguish the brake

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
Before and after using the mountain bike in the field to pay attention to distinguish between braking time: 2012 - 06 - Source: 28 foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: basic knowledge of the outdoor camping goods skills using wild mountain bike brake: < br /> 1, the brake is to control the speed, rather than just stop to use. < br /> 2, front brake has better braking effect. < br /> 3, brake has the maximum braking effect, while facing the lock lock braking performance is greatly reduced and easy to lose balance. < br /> many novice because of worry before use the brakes will lead to turning somersault, and like to use the rear brake, brake before using less. The first brake more security in many cases, before learning to use a brake is also able to learn quickly. < br /> why before we mainly use the brakes? < br /> 1, the front brakes can have a better braking effect. Is mainly control the speed by the friction wheel and the road surface, the size of the friction force proportional to the size of the wheel to the road surface pressure, when the brakes before use, because of inertia, the front wheel and the road surface pressure, braking effect. And brake has no such effect after use, and before using the brake, the rear wheel on the pressure reduced greatly, the friction is very small. < br /> 2, in the downhill run, only the front brakes have enough braking force, because most of the vehicle and the body weight on the front wheels, the front wheel and road surface friction intensified. Back wheel on the road little pressure, smaller friction braking effect is very poor, and a small brake force will lock the rear wheel slip. < br /> the use of brakes exercise: < br /> 1, general mountain bike brake lever is two fingers, riding with the index finger and middle finger on the above, if there is an emergency brake immediately. Used for variable speed also has a lot of cyclists to set aside the index finger, only with middle finger control brake, variable speed and the brake at the same time. < br /> 2, we first learn to the brake control, slowly familiar with know how of how much power can achieve the braking force, to control the braking effect and prevent the lock, familiar with the relationship between braking force and braking effect [ Tent] Before you can rest assured the use of brakes. < br /> 3, fast parking can practice to master before braking technology, braking time and pay attention to the body's centre of gravity change control. < br /> before using the brakes should pay attention to: < br /> 1, emergency stop, the body should cooperate with the brake back below mobile, this will prevent the brakes when the center of gravity forward inertia caused by lift the rear wheels even people fly out. < br /> 2, in front wheel steering, before you should not use the brakes, skilled, can proper brake a little before use. < br /> 3, with an obstacle ahead, try to avoid the brake before use. < br /> after riding the brake is mainly assist at ordinary times, before use the brakes when a little control over the use of the rear brake can have a better effect. < br /> < br /> in the wild brake tags: before and after using the mountain bike to pay attention to distinguish the wild mountain bike, mountain bike brake, the wild little common sense
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