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Basic knowledge of outdoor camping novice

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
Basic knowledge of outdoor camping novice time: 2012 - 03 - 02 source: tent author: outdoor knowledge < p> you go to work every day, whether want to adjust the formulation of work life, and then use holiday in nature? And in the most simple way nature is camping. Besides, camping life can be far away from the lane city, can also change the monotonous and tedious to rest, when false yue, you will have a new life. < / p> < p> camping is what? Camping refers to not rely on the mountain house, hotel and other artificial equipment, but using one's ready to prop, live in the wild for the night. Past camping activities, the most common in scouting and military activities on the noun, and generally refers to the wild, in nature, stop lodge centered free way called camping, but it still has many forms and methods, the monotony, moreover, as big as the army of the night, only one small as camping, can be widely recognized for the camping trip. < / p> < p> < br /> safe < br /> 1. Should try to put up our tent near the hard, flat on the ground, don't set up camp on the Banks of the river and dry river beds.
2. Tent entrance to leeward, tent will be away from a rolling stone slope.
3. To avoid tent flooded when it rains, should be at the top of the canopy edge just dig a drainage ditch.
4. Tent corners of rock pressure.
5. Tent air flow must be maintained in [ Tent] In cook a meal to prevent fire.
6. The evening before bed to check out all the flame, tent is fixed solid. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> fast 'home' < / p> < p> when we choose a good camp, ready to camp, shall, first of all, set up public tents. Downwind first set good cooking tent in the camp, build stove, burn a pot of water on, and then in turn to the windward building to hold public equipment warehouse tent their camping tents of peaceful coexistence. When the whole camp tents set up good, burn water has been boiled, can drink right away and began to cook. Also, don't forget to, in the downwind, out of the water to catch a simple toilet, lest it in a hurry. < / p> < p> outdoor toilet < / p> < p> to participate in outdoor activities, often in the wild camping, when we arrived at the destination set up camp at the same time, to build a simple outdoor camping goods toilet is very necessary. Downwind outdoor toilet should choose in the camp, [ Camping tents] Place slightly lower than the camp, and stay away from the river, At least 20 meters) 。 It is best to dig a thirty centimeters wide, fifty centimeters long, about half a metre deep rectangle holes, inside put some stones, and cedar leaf ( Eliminate odor) 。 On three sides with plastic sheeting or boxes, fixed good, open side should be lee. Prepare some sand in restroom and a shovel, the other for a piece of wood or cardboard. The toilet with some sand to bury waste and toilet paper, using wood or cardboard will cover pit, to eliminate peculiar smell to keep health. In addition, set up a more obvious signs outside the toilet, make others in far can see if someone is using the toilet. When at the end of the camp, in the sand pit be buried, and tags, tell others to participate in outdoor activities. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> outdoor camping novice basics < br /> tags: outdoor, camping, outdoor rookie < / p>
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