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Bad weather in outdoor protection knowledge

by:Foerstine     2020-05-09
Bad weather in outdoor protection knowledge time: 2012 - 03 - 26 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods knowledge thunderstorms thunderstorms usually has developed from a small piece of cumulus initially started, and then developed rapidly, after the cb development period and into the mature stage of cumulonimbus clouds, it is a fierce, and the dramatic changes in bad weather. Field personnel should pay attention to the following: 1) When cumulus clouds began to accumulate, and black can occur when a thunderstorm. 2) Thunderstorms typically lasts a very short, want to keep calm, don't be afraid, avoid could stay in place. < br /> lightning risk lies in the breakdown of the object and the human body, cause fire, and the thunder break the eardrum. So you should remember: < br /> 1) Cars tend to be very good lightning protection facilities, can hide in the car.
  2) The best protection place is the caves, ditches, canyons, or under the tall trees glade.
  3) If in the open air, should squat down to leave isolated tree height twice the distance.
  4) When you feel the charge, namely, hair, or skin vibrate, it may well be by electric shock, immediately fell to the ground, to protect themselves.
  5) If the isolated bossed around to avoid, then the protruding objects must be at least above his head at the top of the 15 - 20 meters.
  6) Leave the vertical walls or cliff, should avoid the bare mountain peaks and ridges and flat open terrain.
  7) Avoid ground fissures, slices of lichen and hung up the rock. 8) Shall not, can sit scattered among the rocks.
  9) It is [in the terrain Tent] Want to use the rope to toggle. 10) If the hole in lightning protection, should leave all the vertical wall three meters in order to avoid rock conductive cuts. < br /> mountain torrent rain, because the precipitation is very urgent, make the earth's surface to absorb rainwater, frozen soil and rock are also difficult to prevent rainwater drainage, these will increase the threat of mountain torrents. When thunderstorms severe, therefore, to avoid walking Yi Jushui long stretch flat under the ditch and river bed. Left vulnerable to flood the area, if necessary, should be given to higher areas, at the same time pay attention to don't try to hike wade has reached the stream of knee. < br /> the weather conditions can make the temperature rise and fall and affect people's health. Influence of the three biggest weather factor is the temperature and relative humidity, wind speed, in cold conditions, the influence of the influence of temperature and wind are inseparable. Both at the same time often make people lose heat and wet clothes heat preservation value would fall by 90%. So, want to be in a cold environment to survive a brief and easy to keep proper exercise but don't sweat. Hot and humid environment, people will occur fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia, severe dehydration and fatigue, the phenomenon such as heat cramps, should pay attention to avoid the field activities under this climate. < br /> bad weather in outdoor protection knowledge tags: bad weather, protection knowledge, the outdoor
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