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Autumn donkey line how to choose the outdoor equipment

by:Foerstine     2020-04-19
Autumn donkey line how to select outdoor time: 2011 - 09 - 14 < P> hot weather in summer is finally passed, and autumn weather lets a person cannot help but want to nature. Whether it's hiking or mountain climbing, outdoor equipment are not suitable for their own fashion. Then let's talk about how to choose and buy our outdoor equipment. < / P> < P> is the first costume: during the late autumn, morning and night temperature difference is big, the temperature outside is fickle. Charge and catch a pullover is the essential item of outdoor travel. Choose the waterproof windproof function, warm breathable, lightweight clothing. If it is hiking or mountain climbing, underwear should also prepare a set of perspiration. Because after the sweat clothes stick in the body is very uncomfortable, not only can quickly used the body heat. < / P> < P> again is our backpack, backpack outdoor use is different, also have different styles and sizes. No matter choose backpack or hiking bags, should pay attention to whether or not fit me. Such as whether the scope of the height of the backpack and comfortable, if there is a soft mat backpack joint part of the body. The best try personally feel comfort. < / P> < P> to buy backpack when we should pay more attention to check the part such as chest, shoulder strap can adjust the length. Also examined include, zippers and the stitching is strong and durable. < / P> < P> we finally talk about the hiking shoes for: to travel, a good pair of shoes is very important. Hard ground high help waterproof hiking shoes is the best choice. Cool autumn days, warmth retention property and air permeability are good hiking boots. When walking, if the road is rugged, sand is more, also can give your feet a good solid sole protection; Waterproof high help design, let you even wade the stream is not a problem. < / P> < P> note when buying does not choose too comfortable shoes, the more than half a size as usual. In this way, even put on a thick cotton socks, feet also can get stretch. < / P> < P> in addition to the above required outdoor camping goods supplies, tents, sleeping bags, dampproof mat, selection of sticks, picnic cookers, etc. Due to personal physical condition and travel preferences, can according to need to add gradually. Don't believe that big when the choose and buy, because each brand advantage each are not identical, compare and try more, suitable is the best < / P>
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