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Attention on foot for an outing

by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
Time for an outing on foot note: 2013 - 03 - 13 < br /> the grass sprout out of the earth's lunar New Year, weekend leisure time, about a few friends, groups, or to climb a mountain, or go to play water, or go to barbecue, fun, and do not cost much. How, some enchanted, echocardiography action, pack up their bags, hurriedly go, for travelers have a happy and comfortable journey, foer sting to give you some little reminder, lest sorrow! < br /> should pay attention to health care, climate changes in spring, the wind rain, need to save enough clothes when go spring outing, bring rain gear, in case of rain, a cold or the flu. < br /> in pieces before travel or trip, should have enough sleep, wash a face with hot water to wash feet before going to sleep, so as to promote sleep. < br /> tourism diet should be light, fresh, easy to digest, at the same time pay attention to not too hungry too full. Not because of the soil and water conservation someone can appear the discomfort such as nausea and vomiting, in order to guarantee the nutrition, can carry some of my favorite food, such as bread, cake, fruit, etc. < br /> some people because of the transport of the turbulence in tourism, dizzy, dizzy, nausea, vomiting, motion sickness is called on medicine. Prevention measures in addition to pay attention to diet health, also eliminate stress, fear, anxiety and other psychological factors, also not excessive fatigue. Pieces < br /> the trip also note hay fever, hay fever, also called hay fever, is caused by the human body contact with the pollen of the plant of an allergic reaction. < br /> mixer personnel more than less well. To walk outside, many local experience winter, few people stop. From the perspective of Yin and Yang five lines of Yin qi, therefore, the staff more than less good for an outing. And don't a person enjoy spring, prevent all sorts of unpredictable events. < br /> mixer unidentified object can't get it. Some people outside to walk often excited to find some fresh things, even quietly took home, do you not know that trouble often arises. < br /> pieces dress belt must pay attention to. Each of suburbs for an outing had better take a red clothes, such as: red socks, red hat, etc. Please do not take such as bell will thrum metal products, including mobile phone metal accesories is also wrong.
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