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A common trauma type of outdoor cycling

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
Common trauma type of outdoor cycling time: 2012 - 06 - Source: 18 foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: outdoor skills outdoor camping goods trauma injury < br /> 1, 'Road Rash' can be literal translation into 'Road Rash', is due to fall down, the skin skin contusion caused by friction with the ground, this is the most common sports injuries, bicycle especially when asphalt hurt caused by contusion is most serious. Processing method is first rinse clean with water will cut as far as possible, remove gravel foreign body, such as silt on the surface of the wound with a clean cloth or clothing to cover to the hospital. If there is a deep hurt, the physician will removal of necrotic tissue and foreign body under anesthesia, prevent wound infection and traumatic tattoo. < br /> 2, laceration: general occasions are more likely to occur in competition, when the number of cars touch the shape of an accident, damage and sharp parts of the vehicle, usually must be taken to a hospital suture surgery. < br /> 3, fracture: elbows, forearms, common parts of clavicle fractures and rush dislocated joints. Once the fracture, diagnosis and treatment to the hospital for orthopedic surgeons to get the best results, continue to pursue the cycling to facilitate in the future. The author has also been in an accident and broke my collarbone, steel nail fixed after undergoing surgery, still can happy to engage in free car movement. < br /> 4, concussion: this is the most serious bicycle accident harm. Usually must immediately stop cycling, assessment of the severity of the disease at the same time; Mild impairment to rest a day or two, a serious and sometimes need to rest for several weeks, to accept training and competition. Is the best way to prevent wear a bicycle helmet. Because, according to the emergency room of a bike accident and emergency hospital concussion patients, 85% were not wearing a helmet of the rider, shows the importance of safety helmet. < br /> outdoor disease damage < br /> 1, car acne ( 鞍伤) : professional free car player at the beginning of the race before paragraph or training, probably because of the friction with the seat and the shares blister broken skin. Treatments include wound care and rest, avoid festering wound infection. For ordinary people because of riding for a long time and cause of pain, and even after cycling will last two or three days, after a rest usually can be improved, and can follow ride frequency and riding time and gradually adapt. < br /> 2, hand nerve compression: amateur and professional drivers will happen this kind of symptom. Ulnar nerve compression can result in the fourth, five fingers numb, median nerve compression can cause numbness and four fingers one, two, three refers to numb. Solution including gloves, bicycle handle soft mat, shorten the riding time and improve the riding position. < br /> 3, lower back pain: a long period of time inappropriate bike riding and is easier to make back excessive stretching, thus resulting in lower back pain. General recommendation 40 to 60 minutes per ride, [ Camping tents] Should rest and stretching exercises. In a relatively short women for upper body easy to ride the upper part of the forward and more prone to lower back pain. There are design exclusive bike depot for women. < br /> the problem of body < br /> include nutrition, moisture and temperature, usually found in long distance rider, free car player and triathlon athletes, generally being leisurely riding is not likely to happen this problem. < br /> < br /> heatstroke riding under the hot weather, it is easy to heat stroke because of excessive water loss, so water supplement is very important; Riding time if more than 90 minutes, then inside the kettle had better pack the sugary drinks, can achieve the goal of water and energy at the same time. Cycling in the hot weather, if feel dizzy, that may mean you heat stroke; At this time should be immediately to rest, to find a shady place to sit down, water and ice ice compress towel. If continue to ride may be because the intoxication accident. < br /> < br /> tags: outdoor cycling common injury type outdoor, outdoor cycling, outdoor trauma
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